Georgetown Festival 2012


George Town Festival is a month long celebration of art, music, theatre, dance, opera and film that transforms George Town into a unique platform for arts, heritage and culture. GTF 2012 runs for the third year in a row commemorating the inscription of George Town on the UNESCO World Heritage listing on 7th July, 2008.

The unique appeal of the festival lies in its well-balanced blend of local culture and cutting-edge international acts. The main objective of the GTF is to rejuvenate Penang as an international boutique destination of arts and culture. It has already succeeded in attracting international attention with media giants such as The New York Times, CNNgo and The Wall Street Journal citing interest in the event. The festival features a feast of art, opera, music, dance, theatre, film, food, fashion, and a tonne more.

(original text from GTF)

official website : Georgetown Festival


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